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Common Things Ladies Say When They Are Caught Cheating

Nothing is as embarrassing as being caught cheating. It is one of the most awkward situations that a person wishes he/she could escape from as fast as possible. However, ladies always have a tactic to easily get out of trouble. They use flattering words that confuse men. Below are some of the words ladies say when they have been caught cheating.

1. He is nothing to me but just a friend. Most ladies like using the word friend as their defender. This leaves a man confused as he does know exactly what to trust and he does not want to offend her. They say this but they are more than just friends.

2. He can not be compared to you, you are better than him. Ladies know that men love being appreciated and pampered. When a man hears this words his anger calms and ends up forgetting about what her girlfriend has done. This is a trick to get out of trouble.

3. You know you are the best, I will never cheat on you with another man. This is another satanic phrase that blinds our men. These words alone make most men weak and end up forgetting about the lady's mistake. Always be careful when a lady says these words.

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