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4 Dating deal breakers you should be aware of.

Everyone has qualities that they envision their partner with, the same way you also have those that are an indication that you might not match as a couple. It is important to look out for your dating deal breakers when you are trying to find a partner because they have a huge impact in a relationship.

Being too needy may make someone lose interest in dating you. Wanting to know what your partner is doing at all times is a good gesture of love but when you over do it it because over bearing. When you are not with your partner you should learn to trust that she is okay and give her the personal space she needs.

Partners should be able to connect both physically and emotionally too. If you feel that you are not on the same page with your partner regarding your relationship then there are high chances that your relationship won't ast longer. If you can't be on the same page physically it creates tension within your relationship and that means you may not be the perfect match.

Poor personal hygiene. Many people will automatically not be attracted to you the moment they realise that you don't take seriously your hygiene. Most partner want their spouse to pay attention to health hygiene and their general appearance, someone who doesn't let a week go by without showering.

Lack of self confidence. Lack of self confidence is a deal breakers for some people. People want to date a partner who feels confident about who they are. You should not be afraid to be who you are and liking yourself enough to come out of your shell.

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