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Dating Romantic

To dating ladies, how to know whether your man is seriously in love with you and have vision.

In dating and love affair it's always tricky since people basically have different goals to achieve and there own personal interest to gain. And when in a wrong relationship either one of the partners will either benefit or loose unknowingly. So ladies to avoid this, one should be capable to identify the following 6 characteristics in his man to know whether he's Mr right or wrong.

1. Respectful and adorable. In a relationship a man who truly loves his partner should basically respect her and at times or more often adores him with high gratitude no matter what kind of situation. So ladies if he doesn't adore you think twice and ask yourself why.

2. Apologetic . A man who truly cares for his lover should always be in his knees whenever he goes wrong or behold his lovers expectations. So if he doesn't it means he always apologize for another one not you. And that if you are in such a kind of relationship think twice.

3. Always advice seeking basically from you. Partners always have intentions of asking for advices from there loved ones because both have same goal and should consult each other so that they can achieve them .So the moment he doesn't ,ask yourself why? .

4. Forgivable . Always in a good relationship both the partners should be in a position of forgiving each other and forgetting whenever one crosses another person's path in a wrongly way. So if your man doesn't ask yourself why?.

5. Loyalty. Basically being loyal is a vartue from God ,and to anyone who loves you will be always loyal to you . So the moment he lies to you more frequently , there is also a possibility he can betray you . That's why it's advisable in a relationship for each other to be loyal.

6.Kindness and reasonable to you. It's true to say that for a man who truly loves his partner will be always be kind to her no matter what ,since he knows her lovers weaknesses and strength and he is in a position to coop up to the situation each and every time , hence whenever they argue they will argue reasonably.

So for any lady who is seriously dating should not ,date blindly and later regret later yet she had a chance to prove whether she is dating Mr right or wrong.

Thanks for reading, comment,share and follow . I would like to hear your take on this. Written by Amos okoth.

Content created and supplied by: Amos12 (via Opera News )


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