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Husband and wife relationship

"Pastor Said my Wife is a Curse to me Because She Has no Legs And One Hand" Man Painfully Narrates

Peter met his wife Linet on Facebook six years ago and they became good friends. The met once and they started dating despite of Linet being disabled.

Peter was never bothered by the fact that Linet was disabled and he claims most of his friends were the one who discouraged him from getting married to Linet and therefore they tried many times to separate them but their love was very strong.

According to Peter, his pastor disowned him from the church after he informed him of the lady he wanted to marry.

He claims that the pastor said that Linet was a curse to him and he should end their relationship just because she had no legs and one hand.

Peter was soo disappointed and therefore he decided to leave the church because he never expected such words to come out from a pastor's mouth.

He walked away from that church and they managed to get a church where they were welcomed with alot of love, respect and appreciation.

When Peter introduced Linet to his parents, they really welcomed her with alot of love and they went ahead and blessed their reunion and that's how they decided to get married through a church wedding.

Peter claims he lost alot of friends due to his wife's condition but he does not regret anything because Linet is the best gift he has ever been given.


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