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Etiquette Habits That 95% Of People Forget

If you want to be perceived as a well-mannered polite person you might want to brush on this topic.

1. In bathroom etiquette, if you see that a stall is closed, don't try to open the door, it might accidentally open and leave the both of you embarrassed.

2. If you are using urinals, men should try to keep some space by skipping urinals, if the bathroom is not crammed.

3. If you are dining out with your family, it's okay to ask the staff to pack up the leftovers for you but don't ask for leftovers in a business dinner.

4. Don't blow your nose in public. You should find a private place to blow your nose. Blow your nose quietly and quickly. Don't do it at the dining table, excuse yourself and leave for the bathroom quietly. 

5. Don't use toothpicks on the dining table. You can excuse yourself and do it in the bathroom.

6. If your fly is unzipped in public, find a restroom and zip it there. If there is no restroom around, you can face the wall and zip it. When you come across a person who is walking with an open fly, tell them privately and quietly.

7. If you are picking up a call on a loudspeaker, tell the person on the other side that they are on speaker and that they are in speaker. If you pick phone calls in the office, find a separate room and close the door.

8. Always ask for permission when taking selfies even with your closest friends. Give them time to prepare and only take the selfie when they want to and when they are ready. Taking bathroom selfies is bad manners.

9. If all you want to write on an email is "thank you" don't send it. You will only be clogging the recipient's inbox.

10. When eating spicy food, don't spit out the food or blow air through a wide-open mouth. Instead, drink a gulp of cold water. It works wonders.

11. It is always good manners to give a seat to a pregnant woman. Stand up and let the woman decide if they want to sit or not.

Which other etiquette do you know that people forget about? Let's keep the conversation going and hit the follow button.

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