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How To Make Your ex Love You Again

Many people will be very entangled in their hearts when redeeming their loved one. In other words, they will worry about whether their ex loves themselves or not.

Because they will feel that if the ex is indeed no longer in love, the relationship is meaningless and it will end.

But in fact, the real situation is not like this at all.

Even if the ex no longer loves you, if you can use the correct way to recover, the ex will still fall in love with you again.

Pretend that two people have never been in love

The two broke up, and to be honest, the pimple will always be there.

So, instead of redeeming that old relationship, we should talk about a relationship again.

Forget everything that happened to you before, and treat him as a friend you just met. Pursuing him with such a mentality and communicating with him will make him feel fresh and interesting.

At the same time, such an approach will also let the predecessor relax his guard.

He will no longer be in the anxiety of accepting you as before, but will truly enjoy a new relationship and breathe freely in life. That feeling is completely different.

Reshape your own charm

As the time between two people gets longer and longer, our own attraction will definitely decline.

Therefore, we have to use some methods to release our own charm again. How to make your ex love you again?

There are actually many ways, such as making our figure better through fitness. At this time, we will wear some tight-fitting clothes to show your figure and let him see your changes.

In other words, you can also show some of your achievements in your career, the heroic appearance of the morning meeting with your colleagues, or the photos of your speech at some awards events. But be careful not to act too deliberately.

Pay attention to scale

When we go to redeem our predecessor, we must pay attention to proportion and learn to approach the predecessor with such a suitable posture.

If you push a person out of your side at once, the proper measure means that you must ensure that after pushing him out, you can still pull him back. This is the essence of the “push-pull technique”.

The same is true when you restore your predecessor. If his feeling of love for you is very weak now, proportion will become even more important.

He sent you a message, you can reply to him within seconds, but it shouldn’t take more than five minutes. In other words, you can return to him in seconds this time, and extend the time a little bit next time. All of these are okay.

You must not let the ex find out that you reply to him, so that you will not expose our sense of needs, and let the ex feel that everything you are good to him is just pretending.

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