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4 Key Reasons Why Women Cheat In Relationships

As reported by a credible source, recently there has been a rise of infidelity in women who are in relationships.

According to Standard there are 4 common reasons why women cheat in relationships.

1. Alcohol

As stated by, majority of women are drinking more than before as they party and move from one club to another in the name of having fun. Due to this, they can't control the alcohol and thus end up making wrong decisions among them waking up in bed with another man. This behaviour ends up destroying their relationships because the alcohol makes them loose a good man.

2.Misleading friends

According to, many women have misleading friends who don't want to see you in a happy relationship, so all they do is give wrong advice that destroys relationships. You should sorround yourself with the right friends and get rid of the misleading friends.

3. She's got what she wanted

As stated by, when a woman gets what she wanted from a man she will do things that disrespect him such as cheating.

4. The tempting ex

An ex becomes a threat to your relationship due to the past history and connection and majority of women keep in touch with their exes which makes them easily cheat in relationships.

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