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Ladies; Never Give A Man The Following Things Unless He's Your Boyfriend.

In real life we all need to open up and talk about the reality which everyone should be aware of. There are things you shouldn't offer to anyone before knowing that person better. Setting boundaries in your life is the cleverest thing that you should employ in every situation. The more you feel free and open to everyone, the more those people continue taking advantage of your vulnerability. 

Today I want to talk to ladies. Most people consider females as very naive souls and easy to give in every request. There's something called self respect, which builds one's definition in how outsiders view you. 

Therefore, it's important you note that there are various requests which men make intentionally, so you shouldn't agree with their quests. These include;

1. Paying them extra attention. 

This guy takes you for granted when he notices that you're all over him and gives extra interests. His mindset changes and starts seeing you as a desperate person who can't live without him. It is fine to show attention inorder to maintain an affair, but let it be limited. 

Such guys have the guts to cheat on you, doesn't seem to be remorseful about it and all he does is to give a slight apology. He knows you can't go anywhere because your heart is already tied to his presence. 

2. Sharing nudes. 

Many guys keep on disturbing ladies to share photos of their nudity. Surprisingly, he tells you he will keep them secret but goes ahead and displays them to friends. When you cross his ways, then he makes them go viral on social media handles, this attracts a lot of shame and wastage of reputation. 

3. S**x. 

It's better staying in your intact nature than letting go your most valuable assets. Be sober in every situation to avoid being deceived by someone who will afterwards devalue you once he's done with your precious innocence. 

Make yourself a no go zone such that every guy fears approaching you for nonsense issues. Remember to do things in your consent, no need of being forced into matters. 

Men, please value and respect ladies. Don't take advantage of their fragile features. 

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