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Why Women Will Always Ask For Money And Gifts From Men

It's an age old tradition for women to ask for money and all sorts of gifts from men. From generation to generation, men have been grappling with it without knowing where women are coming from. At times the woman in question could be having a huge source of income than even the man but she would still ask for money and gifts.

To understand this behaviour one Amariachi Kanu, a Nigerian Fashion designer was able to sum it all up for men. She said, "Usually, men's intention of dating is for their own sexual benefit. Women Ask for money and gifts as a firm of reward in order not to feel used".

It's pretty much simple, for a man to feel he is in a relationship with a woman, he must seek for sexual favours from her to feel loved and secure. As for a woman, she'll seek for his money and gifts as her security and consolation incase the relationship doesn't work between them in the long run. She doesn't want to feel used and dumbed just like that. Money and gifts are the ransoms men should pay for them to enjoy being with them.

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