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Divorce Affair

Kangemi Woman Narrates How Her Lover Cheated On Her With Her 30 Year Old Daughter

A 55-year-old woman has narrated about her plight after she decided to bring a man into their house, ten years after the death of her husband.

According to reports from Tuko, the woman stated that she met her lover in Nairobi at the rentals, where she was the landlady. She had not seen the man with any woman, therefore she concluded that the man was single.

The woman became close friends with this man identified as Odhis and even fell for each other. Out of love, the woman asked Odhis to join them in her house, where she was staying with her only daughter, who was in her early thirties. They lived happily and the woman went ahead to buy land and built a house where they would live when they retire.

On the day of the incident, the woman stated that she was coming from a burial when she reached home and found no one in their sitting room. The Television was on, playing loud music. The woman assumed that her daughter had gone to visit his friends and Odhis was sleeping in their bedroom.

However, while approaching their bedroom, she heard sounds from inside and got curious. After opening the door, she found Odhis and her daughter having fun on their matrimonial bed.

The woman added that the two were not bothered with her presence as they continued enjoying their moment. The angry woman chased the two from the house and even slapped her daughter for her actions.

The woman finalized by saying that she misses her daughter and she wants her back, but she will never marry Odhis. She advised old women to avoid giving young men their hearts since they will always search for young women.

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