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Reasons Why Handsome Men Are Rejected By Most Ladies.

When I talk of handsomeness,I refer to being physically attractive,as I measure it from external appearance of a man.Not internal or rather cuteness of the heart.This is my clarification in accordance with how I understand and define someone who is fantastic and charming.

We have got to presume and believe that cute men have high affinity for ladies and more often than not are crushed at.That is partially and substantially true.Despite this, research has shown that about 60% of these pleasant icons are feared by ladies and subsequently rejected when they propose to them.

However I have come up with the following concrete reasons behind all these situations.

1.Fear of tough competition.

Most women are inherently resentful when stiff competition for their husbands start to escalate especially when they are totally attractive.Since they seriously believe that anything that is brilliant in appearance must be admired by more than many.Thus they are not ready to live in the world of worries and doubts of being snatched away their accomplices.It is in this regard that they constantly resought to show red lights to any charming figure that appears before them demanding love.

2.The general stereotype that those men are already owned and stocked.

This is motive or rather theory that is deep and preserved in the minds of most ladies.They generally know that these men are already possessed and treasured and therefore not prepared to be slashed or backlashes by unknown owners.Hence when such a handsome angel fight hard to proof of his singleness,all shall be proven futile since ladies think they are just bei lied at and convinced anyhowly.

3.Belief that these individuals are associated with Cheating and falsehood.

Since they are captivating, ladies do agree and always equate them to be inherently and pathologically liars if it happened to engage in serious relationship with them and might be deceived at during broad daylight

Furthermore,they are afraid of being most vulnerable and marginal in relationships as they look at themselves as being of low class and unworthy prompting them to fall for ugly guys thinking they match perfectly.

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