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Family That Lived Under A Table Saved By Nakuru And Kisii County Commanders

While some people are busy enjoying soft life out here, there is a number of members in this society who are busy struggling in poverty. While somebody can acquire anything he wants, there are those who can't even acquire the basic wants. That is a house, food and clothing.

This is exactly what a certain family. While some of us are busy complaining of cold yet they live in their houses, there is this family which is said to have been living under a table. According to the source and photos captured at the scene, the family which comprised of four children was surviving by living under a table.

They were saved from the hard life by two county commanders from Nakuru and Kisii county who came to visit them. This is something that has left many people speechless wondering how they made survived. This communicates a strong message about the kind of hard life people are undergoing out here. 

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