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Here Is How Witchcraft Is Passed From Mother To Daughter In Ukambani

Witcraft has been practiced for a long time in the Kamba community. The Kambas believed in black magic powers. We have three types of witchcrafts in the Kamba community. The first one is where one is born with the witchcraft right in his or her blood. The second type of witchcraft is where one buys it from another witch who is not from the family lineage. And the third type of witchcraft is inherited from the parents.

In this article, we will have a look at the second one. The one that is bought from another witch. When a woman is practicing the black magic, she is referred to as a witch. When a man practices the same black magic, she is referred to as a warlock. A witch would pass witchcraft to his eldest daughter while a warlock will pass his witchcraft to his eldest son.

If the son or daughter refuses the witchcraft, he or she will never have kids of his own. If the son or daughter accepted the witchcraft powers, he or she was not supposed to practice the witchcraft before getting married and siring his or her own kids. If he or she goes against this, then they will never have kids.

Kids were not allowed to get near the black magic and if it happens then both the owner of the powers and the kid would turn insane. The kids who were born with the powers will not show their powers until at an old age when they can start practicing their powers. Kids who were born with the witchcraft would be noticed during the process of giving birth.

The kids will be holding beads or seeds of a tree. For others, the seeds were found in the umbilical cord. The seeds were kept properly by the parents until the kid grew up.

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