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5 Things That Lead To Breakups In Relationships

There is a phrase that says that "every relationship is heartbreak in waiting " well I don't know if that's true or not, but, the truth is that people break up on daily basis and even after that, most people would go ahead and start up new ones and the same fate always comes up again. Here are five things that lead to breakups in relationships.

Laxity In The Relationship

Most of us especially men, always have that agility and relentlessness when chasing a woman to get her attention, we do this with a lot of vigour and strength and no matter how much she shuts us down, we always end up picking ourselves up and trying again whenever the opportunity comes. The lady eventually recognises our efforts and gives us the chance with the assumption that the same effort and attention will apply even in the relationship. Men try as much as they can to keep up and in the early weeks of the relationships, they go that extra mile. However, as time goes by they start feeling relaxed and reduce the effort most of the time the lady will notice the change in effort and still stay hoping that the man will come back to their senses, however, the man knowing the lady is with him doesn't feel that to keep on pushing further, he remains at his most comfortable state. This, therefore, creates a divergence in interests and wants in which the lady expect the man to keep making an effort, while the man sees no reason for it. The lady one day decides enough is enough and therefore a breakup is born. And the man realises that it is too late for reconciliation.

Lack of Communication In The relationship

Love is a talking language and more often, the partners need to be able to verbally or even in written form continuously iterate their feelings towards the other partner, that's why most often you find your partner telling you always that he/she loves you. I'm sure you've heard from that phrase millions of times in the relationship. but why do you think that it's of vital importance that you keep repeating it?

Communication is a key component in a relationship not just in reminding your partner that you love them but also in expressing and discussing issues in the relationship. This helps to establish a culture in which issues are discussed and decided with the points of input from each partner included so that the solution to an issue becomes a binding issue. The lack of communication creates a continuously enlarging space between the customers and makes it hard to sort out issues later when things reach the peak, this, therefore, lead to an easy breakup. My advice always speaks to your partner about issues don't keep quiet and end up hurting later when you can't solve anything then.

Narcissism in the relationship

Relationships are feelings based and that means that either party involved have the urge to make their feelings felt and satisfied, this, therefore, means that one party should not feel like he or she is giving out too much, or on the other hand, the other partner should not have that feeling of doing too little, if this feeling comes through. He or she might be forced to go overboard to please the other party. It is therefore of importance that both parties involved in the relationship understand that there is none in the relationship with more important emotional needs than the other, this feeling creates a vacuum that the other partner will always unendlessly try to fit into and when it hit them that they don't have to deal with a person who only cares about their own thought and wants in the relationship. The shortchanged party ends up walking away from the relationship.

Lies in the relationship

This one of the highest-ranked turn off in a relationship for both the man and woman in the relationship, no one wants to wake up one day in a four-year relationship only to realize that they have been living a lie all this while. Most people want to be in a relationship with people they are sure will always look at them straight in the eyes and tell them that they will always tell them the truth no matter what. Most people always feel broken whenever a lie comes to light, their view of their partner always change and even if the breakup doesn't happen then the countdown has started.

Financial issues

Whether we like it or not financiers will always come to play in our love lives, most of us especially men are always out there looking for women who are not after money, well the truth is that you can search the world over and come back to the starting point for another fruitless expedition, the truth is that even if you find a lady who is not crazy about money which is also not that possible because, hey! money happens to be a key component in our lives. You need money to do even the littlest things in this life and talking of meeting someone who doesn't need money happens to be one of the bizarre things I have ever had of. As men, we can only pray that we get ladies who are considerable enough to require money from us with our financial situation in mind but not say that someone who won't ask for money at all. As a man, if you can't provide even the littlest things for your girlfriend then know that you are just some days away from your 'heart's surgery'

All said I'd like to conclude that there is no complete gender that is solely responsible for breakups in relationships, it comes down to what the relationship was about or what it was founded on that will determine its survival through the test of time. Just be your truest self in the relationship and however is for you will stay if not they will go no matter what you do.

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