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'My Boyfriend Missed The Birth Of Our Child Because He Was Cheating With My Mother' A Woman Reveals

The woman had become emotional after witnessing her mother's treatment of her seven-year-long boyfriends. While telling her story, the woman, whose name has been withheld for security reasons, explained how her 25-year-old boyfriend has been sleeping with her 40-year-old mother behind her back.

According to her statement, the woman stated that he obtained the information from a neighbor who told her what her mother does behind her mother's back. She went on to say that her mother could be seen entering her house when she wasn't there, making love and having a good time.

She went on to say that during her difficult delivery, her partner missed coming to the hospital to spend time with her mother at her home. She went on to say that when she confronted her lover, he admitted it was real and begged her for compassion.

She went on to say that she couldn't help but send him away and turn her back on her mother, whom she doesn't want to see or talk to again. What do you believe the woman is capable of doing to her mother? Is it appropriate for her to forgive the two? Please share your thoughts.

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