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4 simple words to tell your girl daily and make her feel adored by you

There are a set of words that are come in handy when in a relationship. Here are some that you can tell any girl and make her feel loved and appreciated.

Good morning greeting

Greetings are an important way of showing how much we care for each other that we make effort to know how their day begun. Saying these words to your girl is almost an assured way of letting her know you're interested in her well being.

You look good

These three words let her know that you find her attractive and make her confident in herself, she glows different and feels comfortable around you.

Take care

This makes her know that you trust her enough, it is an assurance of the fact that you have no doubt in her ability to make choices.

I love you

Making her feel appreciated, loved and noticed is your sole responsibility as her man. Different girls want this assurance differently, some want you to say it a lot, while others want you to say it once or twice. Make sure you let her know what she means to you often.

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