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Divorce Affair

7 Common Early Signs That Will Tell You A Marriage Is Not Going To Work

1. Sleeping in the bedroom

Most of the family issues often have their origin from the bedroom. That is why some couples chose to actually sleep on separate rooms or separate beds and that has actually been proven to be very effective when it comes to stabilizing a marriage and enhancing love among couples.

You may find this unbelievable but scientists have actually found that inadequate sleep caused especially by the other partner has been one of the major causes of divorce. Make sure you have good sleep if you want to maintain a happy relationship. If you have to sleep on the same bed, have a wide bed and not a narrow one.

2. Unemployment and lack of finances

This is another sign that a marriage is not going to work and might probably end in a divorce. No couple will want to live in difficult conditions because love cannot thrive in difficult conditions, sooner or later one may lose patience and that may stumble the marriage.

A research has also revealed that most of the marriages That break up are those of low income earners or not stable financially. Especially with women, they tend to be more comfortable with a man who is taking good care of them and their children, if these things begin to lack, divorce be comes inevitable.

3. Too much affection especially when the couple is new

New couples tend to be so much attached to one another and there is nothing wrong with that. There is a kind of attachment that is however too much and believe it or not it is not a good sign. A US based psychologist did a research and came up with findings that couples attached to each other when still new in marriage tend to easily get tired of each other.

In his analysis, new couples in marriage who divorced after a few years were 3 times more attached to one another that the other counterparts. It becomes difficult in most cases to maintain this kind of strong romantic relationship and before they even realize, feelings begin to fade.

4. Unjustifiable hate toward the other Partner's friends

This is another common and early sign that the marriage is not going to work and only time will reveal that sad reality. Is there a justifiable reason why your partners hates your friends or they even don't know. When your husband or wife has a poor relationship with your friends, it becomes difficult for the marriage to go far and most of the Tom's they will blame your company for almost everything.

5. Many unresolved conflicts

Do you settle conflicts or simply chose to move one without to settle matter. Some partners even chose to remain silent and not comment about the matter for no apparent reason. That is a bad sign especially when you're just getting started.

6. Parental upbringing

Did you know that parents are responsible for now their children turn out to be in future. A research also revealed that most people both men and women who came up from divorced homes end up in the same manner. Especially the behavior of a mother has a lot of impact on the children.

Most children tend to do the exact things they saw their parents do though we have some who decide to take a different path and that is why it is important to know your partners background so that you know how to deal with them accordingly.

7. Many friends of the opposite sex

Who are the members of your partners inner circle? Does his or her circle consist of members of the opposite sex? If he is a man and most of his friends are women or if she is a woman and most of her friends are men, then that is a bad sign.

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