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Reasons Why Campus Relationships Rarely Work

Most students after joining campus usually get into relationships. Some relationships work out and the couple gets married later on while others don't work out.Here are some of the reasons why campus relationships rarely work.

1. Seeing a classmate or a schoolmate everyday gets boring with time. Relationships also require some sort of space. Being with each other everyday only makes a partner/partners less interested with the other.

2. Most campus couples resort to living together which at most times never ends well.Living together creates tension. A partner becomes aware of the other's all time behavior and daily routine. Fights may erupt when couples are living together.

3. The idea of other classmates knowing that a certain person is dating another person makes it difficult for the relationship to survive. A friend/classmate may see a partner hanging out with someone else and report it to their significant. This most definitely happens and brings out trust issues.

4. Most campus students are financially unstable and only depend on their parents for money. The fact that in a relationship there will be need to go on dates and have fun makes it all difficult . Although this is not usually seen as a requirement, it is very important . Without dates and moments to enjoy, the relationship gets boring.

5. After graduation, students always resort to their home background . Some relationship couples live far away from each other therefore making it a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships are difficult to manage which makes the relationship not to work .

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