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5 questions that women find difficult to ask men

Women are so emotional and sensitive when it comes to some matters in a relationship. Sometimes they have certain questions that they want to ask their men but they fear the response they might get. Today am going to share with you the five questions that women are afraid to ask men.

1. Can you leave me for another girl?

This one is very difficult for a woman to discuss with her guy and this is mainly because they do not want to get hurt. They cannot imagine their feelings to get hurt. But this puts on a bad impression and this things gets stuck in their head. Sometime, listening to the truth is not easy and girls cannot really be that comfortable to get on the other things and aspects of their life to continue with happiness.

2. Would you mind in moving to another house after marriage?

The next questions women are afraid to ask guys are related of their marriage life. This one is very important for the woman to know about her guy in person. By this girl’s usually decide whether to get together and spend the next of the life with him or not. Sometimes, girls gets very tricky on this thought and they just want to check the thought process of the guy.

3. What do you think of other girls?

This question comes across because women think that if they ask, he might turn the situation around. He may not be honest at that moment and he will say good things just to impress the her. This makes it very difficult for the women to judge men. From this alone they cannot determined whether he is really being honest or just pretending it to be while gaining her attention.

4. Would you mind giving your car to me and I can drive it for you?

This is because women think that a man is so particular about his things and it is a common perception that girls have made in their mind. According to women, men think that the they do not know how to drive a car. They aslo think that by asking he will get angry for some reason and they do not want to ruin the beautiful coexistence.

5. What if I do not know how to cook?

If a woman cannot cook for her man then there are chances that they will not be together for long. Women often want to get this answer and with this they want to put everything upfront at the beginning. But it is hard for the woman to discuss all this things. This is because they cannot agree to loose their love.

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