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How You Can Be Into Two Or More Relationships Without Being Labeled As A Cheater

Well its the new trend in relationship where many people ate indulging in more than one relationship with different partners without it being referred as cheating.

Polyamory this is the new practice which is referred as desire of intimate relationships with more than one partner with informed consent of all the partners involved.

The new practice is not only being practiced by single people but also married people. The expectation of this practise requires all members involved to introduce each other.

I know its confusing right? Let me give you an example, a man can be married and if he and his wife agrees to explore outside marriage and embarace polyamory, that means the husband can have a girlfriend and his wife can have a boyfriend when they both are still married and living under one roof. To confuse you more , their partners can also have other partners.

To be able to practice polyamory you must able to manage yourself in terms of jealousy and expectations.

A specialist who advises and guides people practicing polyamory have given a disclaimer saying its not for everyone especially if you are a possessive person or a believer of monogamy.

Funny enough it's not only being practiced by white people but also by other countries outside US.

Do you think polyamory is something you can practice?

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