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In Salons, You'll Find 5 Different Types Of Women

The gossips have figured out which shopkeeper is having an affair with his wife.

Salons are one of my favorite places. They have the potential to be pretty dramatic. A baby is always sobbing because she does not want her hair to be done. A dissatisfied client who, if given the option, would change their appearance. A hairdresser on a quest to remove your scalp because she thinks it's riddled with lice. Those who wish to blow-dry your hair while burning your face.

Salons never get dull since there's always something to amuse or irritate you. You can't tell if the towels are soiled or stained, especially the towels. The following are the types of women you'll encounter in a salon.

1. The Rumors

This woman is an expert on everything. She's the salon's Edgar Obare, serving tea to people who clearly have no understanding what's going on. She resembles a walking cassette tape. She would start spewing details from the time she steps in, from why Mama mboga closed her shop to which neighbor got found cheating on their husband.

She is aware of which celebrities have gone bankrupt and who is dating whom. You probably haven't seen these tales on social media, but she'll claim to know a media figure who told her the juicy details. She'll discuss anything from sex to relationships to domestic servants. If you believe you're safe from gossip, she'll make snide remarks about your acne and hair in her own language, assuming you're not from the same neighborhood, which you are.

2. The Consultant

She has the appearance of a rough woman, the type who would beat up on her man. Those who aren't scared to lock their husbands out of the house or refuse them food if they arrive late. This woman has solutions to the challenges that other women face. Mama Kama would tell her to go to her husband's office with hungry children and shame him in front of his coworkers and superiors if he does not provide food for his family. If you have health or financial difficulties, she will refer you to a pastor; if you don't want to go to church, she knows a mganga (witchdoctor) who can help you. The medicine man will assist you if your man is not fulfilling you in bed, and if he has been cheating, the two will be caught in the act.

3. The Affluent Auntie

While some ladies prefer to borrow worn wigs and even braids, others are not afraid to spend money. Because she leaves substantial tips, the hairdressers compete to do her nails and hair. Despite the fact that the price is excessive, she never bargains. The price is unimportant as long as she looks beautiful. She wears luxurious human hair that she claims she received while on vacation in Brazil. The wealthy auntie is a regular customer; no one knows what she does, but she has a lot of money. She dresses in Balecianga and Versace and owns the most up-to-date iPhone available.

4. The Hawker

She's a client just like you, but she's carrying a Ghana Must Go Bag full of dresses, tops, skirts, pants, bras, makeup, herbal soaps, and everything else you might need. She will persuade you that her products are of the highest quality, with the majority of them coming from Dubai, and that you will not be disappointed if you purchase from her. She'll say that the majority of the women in the neighborhood buy her panties since they're made of 100% cotton and don't disclose the panty line. You can't afford to not purchase something from her. She won't say no because she'll give you a deal if you say yes.

5. The Difficult One

They are extremely picky and demanding. They'll show up at the salon with an Instagram photo of a hairdo they adore and say they want to look like that. It makes no difference if their hair isn't long enough or if they won't look decent in it. Because the doctor advised it, they will want their feet to be handled with care. Because they have a medical condition, they will require a particular amount of heat. They are always complaining and agitated, receiving phone calls while having their hair washed or asking people if they have a type C charger.

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