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Check how you can text a girl you have not Check how you can text a girl you have not known without feeling awkward

Texting a girl you haven't talked to before is enough to make anyone a little nervous. Whether you got her number from a friend or a dating site, you want to put your best foot forward so she's comfortable and curious about you. We'll walk you through the do's and don'ts of texting a girl you don't know very well so you can spark her interest.

1.Introduce yourself in your initial text.

Keep your first text short and sweet. She probably doesn't recognize your number, so it really helps if you casually tell her who you are. If she gave you her number in person, you could also mention where you met. This also gives her something to build the conversation off of.

2. Text with a purpose.

Avoid just sending her a message that says, "Hey." She'll probably think this is lazy and you don't know what to say to her. Chances are she'll be impressed if you take the lead and mention the reason you're texting—you want to get to know her better or take her out!

3. Draw her into a conversation.

Say something unique or surprising to get her interested. For instance, text, "Have you ever heard this song?" or "Do you know the best thing about living in this town?" To spark her curiosity, text, "Do you know what I found most interesting about your profile?" She'll probably have a really hard time ignoring a text like that because she genuinely wants to know!

3.Pay her a compliment.

This is a pretty standard way to start texting a girl you don't know well. While it's totally fine to compliment her, try to be specific so it feels genuine. For instance, she may not warm up to a generic, "Hey, beautiful," but if you tell her you like the freckles she's got on her cheeks, she'll probably think you're more sincere or interested in her.

4. Text about common interests.

Find something you both have in common. For instance, maybe you both like similar bands and you could text about an upcoming concert. If you met her briefly and you got her number, refer back to the experience. This gives you a great jumping-off point for a conversation.

5. Say something that makes you stand out.

Spark her curiosity about you by texting something creative or original. Instead of going with really standard conversation starters like "What do you do?" or "What do you study?" you might text her a picture of something you saw on a walk—then follow it with a text like, "Can you guess where I am?" or "Have you ever seen this spot at the park?"

6. Keep your text lighthearted and casual.

Let's be honest—you'll come off a little strong with a heavy text. Skip saying really provocative things since you may frighten her off! Instead, keep things fun and positive. She'll be more likely to engage if you've got a relatable personality.

7. Ask her out if you want to go on a date.

Don't be afraid to make a move if you think she's interested.If you're enjoying your conversation with the girl, ask her out! After all, if you're hitting it off over texts, you may really enjoy each other's company.

8.Give her time to respond.

Yes, it's hard to wait for her to text back, but play it cool. After all, you have no idea if she's busy, her phone's not charged, or she's thinking about what to text back. Instead of obsessing over it, take a deep breath and try to be patient.

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