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Why Women Often Fight Each Other

1. Back-stabbing

Criticizing someone in a treacherous manner despite pretending friendship with them thus being unfaithful to each other is secrets. Women tend to expose each other is secrets so that they can win something over each other the act of being jealous.

2. Spreading rumours

Women fight each other because of rumours from their close friends. It destroys their frienship completely so take of what you tell your close friends because they can use it against you.

3. Gossip

This is a casual conversation about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true. Through gossiping women always find differences, one friend can from the conversation can break the news to the other partner what was being talked about her thus leading to fights.

4. Attractive and provocatively dressed female

Women get jealous over each due the dressing code which can lead to their relationship breaking. Men like attractive women so the other partner can feel jealous thus breaking their relationship with her friend who is very attractive.

5. Revealing secrets

Women reveal secrets of each other thus leading to fights. Secrets are so important because they tell someone's weakness.

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