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Mistakes That Make Break Ups Worse

Breakups can be very painful and heart wrecking, affecting both emotional and mental health of individuals.

When going through a break up, there are things you should avoid, to prevent the break up from worsening.

These mistakes will make your break up worse than you could ever imagine:

Seeking advice from too many people

Seeking advice on what to do from too many people is a huge mistake. The reason is that, people have different opinions and ways of looking at things.

So when you seek advice from too many people, their opinions and advises will confuse you and you won’t be able to make the right decision.

Finding someone else before the relationship is over

After a break up, it is important to take a break in order to heal emotionally and in all aspects.

Getting into a new relationship before you even heal from the previous one will worsen things in the new relationship as you might fail to commit.

Events and occurrences of the ended relationship may also ruin the new one as they are still raw and hurtful.

Relying on dating apps to make you feel better

The thought of being alone and lonely can be very scary. For that reason, many opt for dating apps where they can find someone to connect with and give them comfort.

However, relying on dating apps hook ups might make you feel worse about yourself. Avoid them and take time to heal first, so that you may not affect other people you will date.

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