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Husband and wife relationship

It's never too late to start again -says queen novelist



I'm grown ,

I know the world,

I've seen the sphere and the humane,

But I don't know you,

I'm not afraid of leaving home,

Before you can see me,

If we shall meet,

Your son in-law will be my king,

You never told me that dad was an hero,

You never taught me a man is the leader,

You never told me that love saves,

All I knew was "all men are the same"

I grew up knowing every man has a penis and to some a tool of identity,

I grew up knowing every woman has vagina and to some a tool of finance as collateral,

Nature has been my mother,

I don't count the many times I've schemed death ,

But all that could be squared was,

"This is just a mission unaccomplished, wait a little"

When everything seemed impossible,

Dad gave a comforting bossom,

I owe you dear dad,

Until we meet,

Your son in-law got me covered,

Men are not the same,

Women are not the same,

I don't know how it feels to have full parental love,

All I know is ,men are angels ,

It depends on the demons you associate with,

Let demons marry demons,

And for my life,

My children shall tell me how it feels ,

To have a United dad and mom,

Men, how does it feel ,

To date one woman; your wife?

I've never seen my dad ,

Smiling for having spent good times

With mommie,

Men, how does it feel to hold and cherish ,

To kiss and make love to your lovely woman ?

Perhaps, my lovely husband will answer this,

My children will answer it,

Because they're the poles that'll keep me breathing,

How does it feel to cook for your husband ; women?

How does it feel to drive your husband home?

How does it feel to pray for your husband?

How does it feel to sleep next to your husband?

How does it feel to respect your husband?

I'll answer this because I've the experience,

However much little it is,

The best crown for a man is not only love and how you change position in bed,

But with understanding, respect,trust , spirituality, honesty : love is fully defined,

As for my children,

If I won't be the best mother,

I'll be the best woman to your dad,

I love you my lovely and wonderful husband,

I miss you mommie,

For dad , come read from my tears,

My bro and siz , I'm always your loving little mommie.

For mommie in-law , your son is safe with me,

For my family, I speak love ,peace and serenity ❤️

Let me cry : I can't hold this anymore. I can't share the pain because I love delicate hearted beings.

For love , I live❤️🌹

@queen bendetta

@21st century scribe 🌹

Content created and supplied by: Queennovelist (via Opera News )


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