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Divorce Affair

A 55-Year-Old Lady Narrated How Her 35-Year-Old Fiance Started An Affair With Her Only Daughter

A landlady from Kangemi area in Nairobi has narrated how a man she took to be her husband after her husband's death betrayed and cheated on her with her only daughter.

Mary, who is 55 years old said that she met a 35-year-old man called Odhis two years after she lost her husband and fallen for him.

Narrating to Tuko, Mary said that Odhis was a tenant in her plot and she had never seen him with a woman. The two became close friends and Odhis moved to her house where she was living with her only daughter aged 32 years.

The two fell in love and Mary could ignore all the criticisms she got from people for marrying a man who was her daughter's age. Love made her trust the man with all her accounts PIN numbers and would send him to withdraw some cash when she was building her rental houses. The man didn't stole even a cent from her account.

She took a step and bought a land for Odhis and built a house for him hoping that they would spend their last years on Earth there.

Mary got a shock of her lifetime one day when she returned home from a funeral while it was heavily raining. She entered the house an find no one in the sitting room but the tv was on and loud.

She toured all the rooms but her husband was no where to be found. He assumed that Odhis had gone to the shop and decided to go to the bedroom which was upstairs to change her clothes.

Some unusual noises of a lady mourning welcomed her as she was ascending the states. She thought that her youthful lover was watching some adult videos as it was their norm.

When she reached at the door, she saw Odhis and her daughter having fun on her bed. She watched them for 30 minutes before they could recognize her presence.

The two saw Mary but they didn't stop what they were doing. She was angry and slapped her daughter who slapped her back. The two packed their bags and left the house.

Mary told Tuko that she is ready to forgive and accept back her daughter who went with Odhis but don't want even to see Odhis again.

She warned ladies on having affair with men who are younger than them.

Source: Tuko News

Content created and supplied by: Stan_Ka_Wambu (via Opera News )

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