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3 Things to tell yourself after a break up

Break ups are difficult. The feeling of betrayal from a loved one is not anything anyone wishes to undergo. There some consoling words that you can say to yourself and make the pain fade away.

It will be alright 

True enough, any hurt and pain we undergo has a special way of fading away and hope comes around. Assuring yourself that things will be alright makes you calm down and ease off from depressing thoughts.

It was certain to come 

Any person who was not destined to be in your life will certainly leave. The people who mean the most to us don't, for example immediate family members. Assuring yourself this makes you certain that there are new people who will come into your life as time goes by.

I will get a better person

Living in hope is the best way to manoeuver through life. Good things come from a positive attitude and thoughts. Assuring yourself that you will get a better person makes you wake up everyday ready to take on new acquaintances.

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