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How to confess your love to a man without using words.

As a lady, it Is very difficult to confess your love to a man directly through words even though you might be having a heavy crush on him. You can be left hurt and feeling jealous when you see him moving into a relationship with another lady because you didn't muster the courage to pour out your feelings. These are some of the easy ways you can use to pour out your feelings without using words;

1. Stay closer to him.

Always find an opportunity to move closer to him, not through chatting but physically. This will help him read your facial expressions and body language. If he is sharp enough, he will be able to interpret these non-verbal cues and make the first approach.

2. Make him feel free when around you.

Always try hard to lighten the mood whenever he is around you, you can do this by introducing informal talks, cracking some jokes, and talking about things he likes. This will make him feel free whenever he is around you and he can take the advantage to pour out his heart to you.

3. Always be free to assist him.

When you like a man, you should always be free to offer him the assistance you feel he needs even before he asks for it. This will give him a good impression of you, this can also make him attracted to you.

4. Struggle to show him the better side of you.

Try to conceal the wrong side of you whenever he is around as this might send a wrong impression of you. As a lady, all you should struggle to show someone you want to fall in love with you is only the good sides that will give him a valid reason why he should be with you and not with another lady.

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