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"Mpango Wa Kando Imemaliza Ndoa Mingi" Look Other Reasons That May Lead To Early Divorce

Marriage is very important nowadays because it brings different tribes together . After marriage, the couples are supposed to have children and build a large family. Also raising kids is not easy, it requires alot of struggling and commitment. Providing basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter, require hardworking so as to make the life of children comfortable .Also there are many challenges that may arise after marriage. Some problems can be solved in a proper way. If family issues are not handle property, they can lead to divorce.There are many factors that facilitate break up. Some of them are as follows.Many marriage break because of side chicks. You will find a husband dating another woman outside marriage. He uses his time and money leaving his family suffering .This bring alot of pain and may lead to divorce. So it is good to be faithful to protect your marriage.

Also if buying basic needs such as food clothes and shelter is difficult, a wife may run away leaving his husband and children. it is very important to work hard to provide for the family and being responsibleIf it happens a wife is not respectful, his husband may decide to disappear. Some wives are very abusive, they can abuse their husbands in front of their friends or children. Good communicating is very important in marriage if anything happens to reduce tension which may arise . You are supposed to settle your issues properly and understand each other as well as maintain respect. Choose your words wisely and avoid abusive language. Always be patient and trust God.

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Mpango Wa Kando Imemaliza Ndoa


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