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Ladies, This Is Why Your Man Will Leave You For Another Woman No Matter How Much he Loves You

As a lady, sometimes you may get shocked when a man just walks out of your life without any apparent reason. Your behaviours may not be the reason why but you may be reason. I once heard of a story where a man went out with a woman, had extreme fun, got a super queenly treatment then later after, the man got her into some uber and disappeared never to be seen again. The man never texted or called. He went off. Another is told of a man who had dated a woman romantically for 5 years then suddenly disappeared. Such events make women stressed and bothered why men leave women they love. This is why it happens.

This happens because of growing tired. You may done him the worst things but he keeps on taking them in. People do persevere moreso in relationships. He may have forgiven you more than normal yet you keep doing the same mistake expecting forgiveness over and over. People do grow tired of doing good. Sometimes you may find yourself doing good only to be hurting yourself. Men get tired easily if the relationship is one sided. If you dont want this to happen to you, kindly give him easy time.

He may need to leave you alone after a good treatment. Sometimes he may have loved you enough and never willing to leave you broken or hurt. He will therefore prefer to have a good treatment for you just to blind you up. Leaving someone may not be easy therefore others will prefer peaceful break up. Violent breakups end up suicidal or even longer periods of healing. A break is all people need after long time of struggle. Men do leave if they feel their energy is being sapped. He will campaign for a break that will allow him focus with his life. Break ups are good when amicably resorted to.

He may have seen something extremely weird in you. People are dynamic since they grow and incorporate new behaviours. Changing someone may be hard but again having a new person into your life can be costly. A man will change the moment he notices some new weird behaviours in you. He may be taking in your former behaviour but an additional weird character is not admissible. Some behaviours of a person will be hard to admit after longer periods of knowing each other. Stooping low for a new weird behaviour may be hard moreso to a person you knew well.

He may as well have gotten a greener pasture. A greener pasture may mean someone better than you or someone who behaves better than you used to. It happens that most men will leave their women for other better one. This is the reason why most of them cheat. Being a better woman is all you need. Go along with the trends. No one will settle for less whenever he is. Once you get a better lady, you will automatically be obliged to quit your current one. Study your man and sometimes ask him whatever he needs. Don't assume that he's fine yet he is not. He will get someone willing to ask him such questions and by then you will be a by gone.

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