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Simple Ways To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend To Avoid Her Calling You 'Brother' or 'Bestie'

Approaching a girl and telling her to be your girlfriend seems like an easy thing to do but in reality, it is not. Guys who have tried it can testify and give the experience. If you lack the courage to face her head on and tell her this, there are other methods that you can employ to pass the message to her. Below are some tactics you can use to ask her to be your girlfriend.

1. Be honest with her. Never lie about anything to her no matter how sensitive it is. This makes her open up to you too and trust between the two of you increases.

2. Take her on dates once in a while. Dates are an indirect way of showing a guy wants you to be his girlfriend.

3. Show her that you love and care about her. Buy her gifts like flowers to express your love to her. Girls love it when you surprise them with gifts.

4. Be the real you when with her. Don't ever try to change your character just because she is around. Show her who you really are and let her know you better.

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