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Relationship Red Flags To Look Out For Before Things Go South

In relationships some times compatibility may not be possible and so it would be in order to work out a way out. There are those things that could be a sign that the relationship is not heading the right direction. Or it could be a sign that one of the partners is fedup with the story and looking for a way out. here are the some of the red flags to look for.

Your partner don't respect you

In Swahili there is a saying that goes mchovya asali hachovyi mara moja. If your parner disrespects you once, they are likely to do it again. Every time you make a compromise and blur the lines your partner is likely to take more. It is important to learn to see when someone disrespects you and move fast to make a good decision.

Controlling behavior

Does your partner want to know where you are or who you are with or what you are doing most of the time, then there is a problem. For instance, you tell your partner that you are in church and they say give Jesus the phone? Or do they control where you go and what you to cut off your friends? It is likely that once they isolate you, you will have no person to turn to for help when you most need help. Very insecure partner looks like attentiveness at the start of a relationship mostly it is a way of masked controlling behavior and desperate insecurity.

Alcohol and drugs addiction

Alcohol should be for fun but when your partner is affected negatively by drugs, it is right to get them help or keep moving if they don't show any sign of changing.Most of the time alcohol and substance abuse can lead one to increased violence and cause your relationship severe damage. Counselors and therapists would of great help to provide psychological, social, and emotional support to those in need by offering advice, education, support and counseling.

People who never own up or apologize

If your partner is rude to people they perceive as lower than them, even waiters tne it is likely that they will be rude to you too. If you catch your partner in a lie or mistake and they always have an excuse, never owning up, then know there is a big problem. It indicates your partner has not developed a healthy way to properly channel their emotions.


When your parner smothers you with love and attention such that you can not even take some time to breathe, then it is time to take a step back and assess the relationship. If someone wants to call you their boyfriend or girlfriend within the first two dates then you should probably chill. And if suddenly your partner love everything you love then definitely you are getting love bombed. And once the honeymoon phase is over, you might start to go back from scratch as the clouds clearand show their true colors. 

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