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3 Reasons A Good Woman Never Ask Money From you

3 Reasons A Good Woman Never Ask Money From you.

Research have proven that ladies understand things quickly just on the spot. This is based on their own instincts.

So, it is more likely for you to doubt the love she gives you if you doesn't see what you expect from her.

It is so embarrassing that the society has developed a perception that ladies can never give you true love if you doesn't have money.

This makes you forget that true love is never based on material things. It is in short based on what the heart feels.

So, you might be wondering why she doesn't ask money from you as the boyfriend. The research shows that a lady who loves you truly can never ask money from you.

And if incase she does, then high chances are that you are not her true boyfriend. So, here are the reasons why she will not ask money from you if she loves you:

1. She understands your situation.

We are all struggling with poverty at a level, like, nobody is ever rich enough. There is something that is giving them some headache.

In that case, a woman who loves you truly understands your level of poverty and therefore won't add things on your list to stress you up.

Instead, she offers her help to make sure you succeed in your life. That means, a woman who loves you, understand you better than how you think of her.

So, don't get mad to see her hair plaited or her nails painted when you never gave her a single cash. She doesn't want to give you headache.

2. She wants you to invest in the future.

Yeah, when a woman loves you truly, she starts including you in all her future plans. She tends to make a budget for both of you in the next 5 to 10 years.

That means, she will expect you to also put into savings, the little amount you get as a normal hustler.

That means, she won't want to burden you because she knows that the little you make should be saved for the future use.

In that case, just do as she expects you to. Start saving your small cash to help the two of you out in the future.

3. She doesn't want to appear materialistic.

The other thing that makes women have lack of sleep at night is finding out that how you see her is not what she expected.

A good woman never wants to look materialistic in any field because she knows what it takes to be materialistic.

Therefore, she will avoid asking money from you simply because she doesn't want you to make wrong conclusions about her.

In this case, it doesn't mean that if you give her money, she will refuse to take, asking it from you is the problem, so try to understand.

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