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Signs of fake relationship.

1. Money

Nowdays if you are in relationship which it's all about requesting money 70% of those relationship are fake . One don't talk to you most of time but when he or she need money they starts talking to you.

2. Trust.

If one partner have no trust on other .that relationship is fake .

3. Cheating.

Cheating is one of signs of fake love. It's have destroyed alot of families and relationship

4. Conversation

due to faking of love and entering relationship that one doesn't want.Perfect relationship does not have fake conversation it's all about truth and reality not talking to make one happy.

5. Secrecy

Relationship partners does not have secret on each other .if you have secrets on you partner that relationship will end anytime.

6. Patients

Temper in relationship should be controllable but when it reaches situation where it cannot be controlled it's fake .

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