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If You Want To Be On Her Mind All The Time, Do This

Crushing on someone is something that takes just a second. However, what most of us want is having someone to think about us all the time. A crush can just last some hours or days and it is over. You might be thinking about a certain lady but you are not sure whether she is thinking about you.

You need to make her do it. But how? Below are some sure tricks that will help you achieve this.

1. Don't be too available for her all the time. Most people believe that when you love a lady you always stay with her. Sometimes disappear for a little while and let her miss you. This will make her think of you.

2. Change the routine. Decide at one time to do things the opposite of how you do them. If you text her first, miss doing that at one time. If she is used to you texting her at a specific time, she will think of you wondering why you didn't do it. You can do this on other things too which you two do as a routine.

3. Surprise her once in a while. Most guys when they hear about surprises think of expensive fancy things. That is not what I mean. A surprise need not be something big. Get her something or do a thing that she really loves and enjoy and she will always think of you.

4. Remember to always compliment her. Whether it is her hair, her dress or something she has done to you. It will make her happy and she will keep remembering it all the time. In the process she thinks of you.

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