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Men: A Lady is Madly in Love with you If she Does the Following 5 things

Love is a very essence of creation. Everything exist because of love. When in love, you feel lively and happy in an extend of feeling like a teenager whereas you are at 50s. Ladies are very secretive when it comes to love. Here are five signs that shows a lady is madly in love with you:

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1. She shows signs of Jealousy - A lady in love will tend to be jealous every time you are around a lady. It is not that she doesn't trust you like most men think but she is trying to be protective.

2. Eye contact - she will tend to look directly into your eyes to try express her feelings to you. Only clever men will read the signs and understand her.

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3. Touching sensation -A lady in love will like it when you get close to her and maybe when hugging, she will try to make it tight and keep hold.

4. She is not interested with your money - she will tend to be independent and refuse money offers from you since she is not after your money but love.

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5. She is interested with your family members - she will try to befriend your family members and keep them close to her.

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