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Husband and wife relationship

Lady Reveals How Her 62 Year Old Husband Left Her After Getting 3 Million Retirement Benefit

A lady going by the name Khatiakala Jacinta has narrated of how she was used and dumped by a man she loved most. According to the 39 year old lady, her husband 62 years received his retirement benefits and called it a quit in their marriage.

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Jacinta reveals she realized she was HIV positive after visiting a cancer screening center for she is also suffering from cervical cancer. Her pain is however that her husband decided to leave her for a young lady after he was paid Ksh 3,000, 000 benefits.

Jacinta has however opted to move on alone after she was left o her own though in the same house with her cruel old husband. She is concerned of the turn of events and what changed yet initially they were strongly in love as one strong family as they shared as well slept together in bed.

Jacinta pain is that she has been left without money not even a penny as well has been infected with HIV despite suffering from cervical cancer. She is also pained by the fact that her husband has moved on with a young lady and as well brought her into their matrimonial home where she also lives.

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