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Things women do that push a man away

Nobody gets into a relationship just to end it, we all put in efforts to ensure it works. By trying to shape your relationship to be perfect you might be driving your partner away. Here are some things that will drive your man away:

Bringing up people whom you have been with in the past or your exes will automatically turn off any guy. We all have a past and bringing them up too often will make it seem that you are not over them yet.

Forcing them into marriage. Just because you are ready for marriage doesn't mean your partner is too. We should be able to give them time and space until they feel comfortable to settle down forcing your man to propose or say I do will only drive then away.

Having proper communication will help in growing your relationship. However on the other hand if you don't express yourself freely to your partner about your feelings will make them feel uncomfortable. If you are finding it difficult to have a proper communication you can as well move on because it will be difficult to solve conflict if they arise.

If you are a man what are the things that a woman does which drive you away from them leave a comment below.

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