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Make women want you by following these simple steps

There are certain things that women want that we as men never understand.They desire certain characteristics in men that most men never realise.Today am going to share with you the simple steps that you should follow to make women want you.By doing this,you are going to look more handsome and attractive that every woman that you meet will want to be with you.

Women want confident men.Being confident is not for the buys but grown up men.This means that you can be able to stand up by your self in any most of the situations.This starts from the way you look,talk and walk.The confidence that you display around women is going to show them that you are a man not a boy.Be a man who can keep eye contact with a lady while you are talking.Walk with total confidence and believing in yourself.

Women want dominant men who does as a lot of questions.This simply means that you should be able to take control of most of the conversations.It does not mean that you dominate in conversations only but also in other things.You should be able to be the one who makes most of the plans and decisions.Avoid asking her if you can do something for her.Like a man go ahead and plan what you feel is best for her.Suprise her with your plans.This way she will never get bored of you.

Women like men who are less predictable.This is a rare trait in men but very important when it comes to women.When you are predictable in everything that you do she is going to get bored.Be a guy that she is craving to know more about every day.Be a little bit of a mistry for her.This will keep her thinking about you.She will want to know more about you every day.And the more she is interested in knowing you she will end up wanting you.

Women want the kind of men who are good listeners.Try your best to be there for her when she need you the most.Text her,call her or even visit her more often.You presence will make her like you and even want to be with you.List to her without judging.Avoid talking bad about her with your friends.Tell your friends how amazing she is.When she is going to hear about this from someone,she is going love it.This way you make your chances of getting her very high.

Always be friendly to women and avoid negativity towards them.Women love the kind of men you are great friendly and caring.Avoid talking bad about women.Let them know how special they are.This way they are going to like you.Once you spend more time with them and make them happy more often.There are high chances they are going to want to be with you.Thank you for reading.Follow me for more interesting articles everyday.

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