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5 Habits that may make your boyfriend hate you

Man will love you unconditionally only and only if you devote you love to him alone. Here are seven habits that will make him hate you forever.

1. Having many male friends than female

Men are jealous of their ladies loving another man, whether he is a friend or not, your man just want to see you love him alone. Do not be nice to all guys if you want love from him. Otherwise he will live to hate you.

2. Avoiding him in public places

A man who loves your from his heart doesn't mind kissing you in public places. He likes walking around with you to feel complete. When you avoid him at such places, he will start thinking you have another man and probably you don't want to let him know. Maybe you are trying to hide him. This habit will make your lover hate you. Feel safe to walk every place with him.

3. Sharing your phone number with other men

Once you have a husband or lover you meant to marry each other, it is good to avoid sharing your phone contacts with other men. Some will text you with some sensitive texts which will make your man doubt you. Trust will drop each day after he noticed this habit in you. Respect him alone if you mean love for him.

4. Cheating

This is one of the very toxic habit in a relationship. He will not only hate you but also might do harm to you. All men are emotional beings when it comes to cheating in a relationship. If you don't love him, just break up first before sleeping with another man. Otherwise, you are inviting troubles. Take this with alot of concern.

5. Waving to men when with him

Waving to men when with your husband or boyfriend will make him hate you. Do make this mistake when you are with him. Shake hands with people you meet on your path as you pass without standing with them. Unless your relatives.

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