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Netizens Praises A Lady For Gifting a Bride With Wedding Gown After Requesting One From Well-wishers

Netizens have praised a lady after she offered a wedding gown to a bride who had asked well wishers to offer her one.

Hellen Shikoo came across a post from the bride on the Facebook where the lady was requesting any well wisher to help her with a wedding gown for just one day.

On the post, the lady had said that she was going to be wedded on a mass wedding and she was the only one without a gown among all the other brides.

Upon seeing the post, Hellen offered to gift her with a gown that she wore during her wedding with her white boyfriend. She went ahead and said that the bride should not return the gown but gift it to another bride who will be in need.

"If this one can fit her I will gladly give it to her. Iko na kila kitu unaona kwa picha isipokuwa facinator. It's clean and she can keep it after her ndio abless mtu mwingine nayo. Inbox if interested. Iko kwa my brother Kiambu if atamanage kuendea ni sawa", said Hellen.

Netizens have praised and thanked her for coming to rescue.

Content created and supplied by: Stan_Ka_Wambu (via Opera News )

Hellen Shikoo Iko Kiambu


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