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Man Runs Away After Doing This to His Wife's Private Parts

Introduction of phones has made life easy not only in our country but also the entire world. I remember those days we used tarmac in order to deliver messages to our lover. But today we are able to keep our relationship through communication using phones.

However, these phones have led to various problems not only in relationships but also in marriage. 

Today in Kericho county, it is believed that a text from a friend to a married woman brought trouble. According to reports, she was bathing before going to her room. Here she found her lover annoyed and frustrated. This came after her man found a text message in his lover's pond when she was bathing. The man suspected that there was a hidden relationship between the two.

Immediately, the man took hot tea and poured it on her private parts which led to severe injury. Police officers have already confirmed the case and the man has already run away from the area to avoid being jailed.

We have to look for ways of solving such problems instead of endangering other people's lives. This incident should be condemned by our society.

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