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Edgar Obare's Big Expose of Brothels Branded as SPA's, How Women are tricked into this illegal job

Blogger Edgar Obare has taken to his Instagram to expose different brothels branded as SPA's used for illegal s3x services to men. SPA's are commonly known for massages .

Netizens took to allege that they are familiar with this illegal businesses. One particular netizen alleged that she experienced it first hand when she saw a vacancy for a job asking for two ladies. The requirements for the job was either a petite lady or a curvy one preferably living around Thika road. She went ahead to apply and the secretary of the spa asked if she would do massage and s3x. In the process of inquiring about the job and pay ,she was told that she would be living in the spa and that is when she realized that it was a brothel.

Another netizen explained her encounter with a spa at Mialle , she explained that she and her six friends were in Dar es Salaam when they heard about the spa job. They decided to take that opportunity. They were informed that they would be working as waitresses , little did they know things would turn around and they would be offering s3x services to customers. They were very excited to go and work at the spa as the pay was Ksh 40,000 per month which when converted to Tanzanian currency would be Tsh 900,000.

All their tickets were paid by the boss. They arrived at the spa at the wee hours of the night and were given lingerie to wear. As they were in the process of familiarizing with their new job, they saw women dancing and walking around almost naked. On realizing what kind of job it was, they went to the manager to quit but were told if they wanted to leave they would first pay the money used for tickets which was Ksh 55,000 . They were left with no choice but to comply with the .

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