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Gauging Questions To Ask Your Partner

In this world no body wants to stay bored always. According to statistics 90 percent of ladies they hate boredom and that's why they keep finding a man who can sweet talk them. It can be any person either a friend or husband who can raise a topic and keep conversation flowing. In many cases ladies they find it hard to be open first but as they get used to your stories they decide to open up their heart. Happiness can never be bought but only to be shared, as a man you have a duty to keep good communication with your wife or girlfriend. If you always find yourself stuck whenever talking to her just consider to ask the following questions;

If you could have anything you wanted in the whole world, why would you specifically choose me?

What was your first experience when you met me, did you imagined we could be lovers?

What makes you think am so strong and convenient?

Which perfect gift could you give to a romantic man like me?

Which character trait drew you to me? What is your favorite trait of me now?

What is that one thing you want to share me and you are sure you never shared before?

What is the one thing about our relationship that makes you most happy?

Which hard decision have you ever made in your life and it affected you?

Between loyalty and money, what would you choose.

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