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Divorce Affair

Why Marrying Or Getting Married Because Of Wealth Is A Source Of A Dispute.

Most marriages are beeing formed depending on wealth rather than love. People fear to take risk and are now willing to be part of an already existing wealth without taking any precautions.

Because of this, marriages are being formed on a weak foundation. Single ladies and men want someone who is already established, either with an established business or stable job, any one who doesn't have such material possesion is considered irresponsible. If this is a measure of responsibility then divorce or separation is at the door knocking. For those who have wealth, just incase of any eventuality bankruptcy or loosing of a job happens then that marriage is in trouble.

Focussing on material things confuses people. It is true that whatever you focus on is fully consumed in your mind, this is why if you focus on wrong things then wrong results are guaranteed. Let young people focus on the things that matter. Things that will bring joy in all situations. Wealth can not buy joy, meditate on this truth for you to have a joyful marriage.

Make sure that you choose your life partner correctly, encourage one another and and start from that level and grow one another. It will be more enjoyable if you acquire and accomplish many things together in as much as you respect yourselves and maintain discipline.

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