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Divorce Affair

“I Have Been Cheated on Twice Before” Mungai Eve Opens About Her Relationship

Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve reveals that she had been in two relationships before her current one and that in both of them she was cheated. Mungai says she knows the pain one feels hence she would never cheat on anyone not even her current boyfriend.

She disclosed this during question and answer she with her fans in one of her social media platforms. The fan asked her if she can cheat her current boyfriend where she answered, in “why would I cheat if he provides everything I want. I have been approached by big peybut I won't cheat on him. I have been cheated twice before and so I know the feeling.”

Mungai says that she had been dating Trevor for the last three years knowing that he is a Kikuyu only to find that he is a Kisii. “I thought he was a Kikuyu when we met. I only learnt he was a Kisii later and I was very scared because I had never dated someone outside my tribe but I decided to give it a try.” She said.

Have you been cheated on and what did you do after finding that you had been cheated? Let's meet in the comments and share our story.

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