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Non obvious Signs that a woman thinks you are attractive

Sometimes a woman can portray certain signs without even noticing if she finds you attractive. Be keen to notice any of these whenever you meet or talk to her.

1. Constant micro adjustment.

These are certain unconscious adjustments that a woman makes whenever she is close to you. You may find her adjusting her dress, fixing her hair, looking at herself on the mirrow just to make sure she is perfect around you.

2. She starts stuttering words out of her mouth.

Whenever you are talking to a woman and you notice that she is neuvours when communicating with you, then she probably thinks you are attractive. The only thing going through her mind is whether you notice that she already likes you.

3. She dresses to impress you.

When a woman finds you attractive, she will always dress well to impress you. She might not do the same with other guys because you are the only one that matters the most to her.

4. You do not get compliments from her.

When a woman finds you attractive, she does not bother to to give you compliments. She will only show you signs and body languages for you to notice.

5. She gets destructed around you.

She cannot focus on the things she was doing before you arrived because she thinks you are watching. This is because she wants everything to be perfect. It can also be because wants to look at you all the time that she gets destructed.

6. She is leaning towards you.

You might find a woman is leaning towards you when you are having conversation. This is probably because she finds you attractive and she wants to get close to you. Sometimes she might not notice that she is getting closer to you unless you remind her.

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