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Why Church Girls Take Long Before Getting Married-Opinion

1. Being Too Choosy.

Most church girls have this specific kind of a man they are looking for e.g God fearing, financially stable.These people are very rear to find hence they have to keep waiting.

2. Avoiding social gatherings.

Most church girls think that good men are only found in church gatherings. They avoid other gatherings believing that those who attend such can't add any spiritual value on them. Thus they continue waiting in church.

3.Physical Appearance.

Most men are attracted to what they see but you find that most church girls tend to loose their female out look through dressing or even avoiding make ups.They will have to keep waiting as most men go for the nice looking ladies.

4.Being Ignorant.

They always don't involve themselves mostly in discussions that are not spiritual hence men get bored of such ladies.

5.Thinking They Are The Best.

These ladies thinks that the world awes them the best for being good.They believe their men will automatically come their way at long last.

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