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Reasons Why Girls Fails To Fall For You Even When She Likes you

Have you ever approached a girl who might be interested with you but abruptly get shunned?It is very sad.Do you know why they always act like that? Below are clear reasons behind the scene.

1.She likes you,but she cannot see future in you.

Actually she might be willing to fall for you,but the headache is; Whenever she reflects how you would be together for like Five years to come,she does not see any greenlight.Probably she disapproves being with you.

2.You are extremely nice to many girls.

If you are that kind of man who has no limits in the way you handle girls around your life circle,that could be the main reason you are always shown red flags whenever you try to seduce a lady you have crushed on.For instance you treat every girl in the manner you treat your crush.Without any doubt,that is why you are always denied a chance, rectify and eventually everything would be fine.

3.You remind her of her ex boyfriend.

You constantly asks her about her ex, maybe he could be the one who hurted and heartbroken her so much.When she sees you conventionally remembers him.For instance,when she has nicknamed him a demon,you will also automatically become a demon to her and think you are absolutely going to heartbreak her.So limit yourself if you want your relationship be successful.

4.Her heart is not in the same country as you.

Maybe she always anticipates to study abroad.Or embarking to work from abroad,she would honestly not find a reason to establish a relationship with you knowing very soon you are going to separate from each other.Even if communication will be there but for sure no relationship can work due to long distance.The worst part of it is she may reach their and fall in love with someone else and forget about your business.

5.You might be a guy that her best friends likes.

They always say a friend's crush is off limits.She is not ready to terminate friendship with her bestie by falling for you.Since would be called a betrayal by accepting to be your fiancée when her friend is eyeing also on you.So it's for you to prove to her you are not interested in her bestie but she.

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