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3 advantages of making love after a fight

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Intimacy is a natural and enjoyable part of marriage. if you are in a relationship it's normal to make love with your partner at some point. And sometimes this might mean doing it even when you fight with your partner. beyond the unequaled pleasure deliverable from it, it has been found to have enormous health benefits. It helps in strengthening the relationship bond and mak the partner closer to each other emotionally.

some times misunderstanding can occur between two partners and the best way to settle it is to become more intimate with each other. Engaging in intimate activity with your partner after a fight makes your entire acrimonious experience worthwhile. Here are the 3 advantages of making love after a fight between couples ;

a. It helps both partners to heal .

While verbal communication is the most efficient way to reach a natural understanding physical intimacy is a powerful way to heal after a misunderstanding. Some time yore not able to talk through conflict right away and come to a resolution and tats fine. maybe what you need most in that moment of distress is to feel close to and comforted by your partner.

b. It makes communication easier.

By acting as a pause button on the fight or diffusing the tension it created, lovemaking can create enough space to have a productive conversation afterward. While things like trust and honesty are the foundational building blocks of a relationship, intimacy is the glue to hold it all together .therefore making love with your partner after aquarelle or misunderstanding gives room for communication to become easier which will help in amending the past.

c. It makes you more connected to your partner.

Making love after a fight always makes you feel more connected to your partner than ever before. this is because it's always characterized by palpable and exciting energy that can help the partner to forget about their differences. lovemaking after the fight is a powerful way to connect. it brings us back to what we share in that connection with each other.

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